Sly Mongoose, by Tobias S. Buckell


The new threat is the Swarm. They are zombies, but a little different than the zombies of the Walking Dead. The Swarm can speak, and think, but the goal is pretty much the same. The Swarm will bite you, infect you and turn you into one of them.

Pepper crash lands on Chilo and warns the people that the Swarm is coming.

Sly Mongoose is the third book of Tobias S. Buckell‘s Xenowealth series. I enjoyed Crystal Rain and Ragamuffin a great deal, but I felt Sly Mongoose was a major improvement. I’m guessing Buckell had a better grasp on the craft, or least the series, when he went to work on Sly Mongoose.

The writing is very good, easy to read, an excellent flow. The world building dazzled me and the scenes were interesting. I’m not saying Crystal Rain and Ragamuffin didn’t have all that, but I feel it’s better done in Sly Mongoose.

If I was to rank the three Xenowealth books that I’ve read, I’d say that although I enjoyed Ragamuffin, I didn’t like it as much as Crystal Rain, and I liked Sly Mongoose far more than I liked Crystal Rain. Even so, I recommend you start the series with the first book and work your way through. It’s action-packed science fiction and it’s fun.

Calls and Stuff

I heard that next deer season, baiting won’t be allowed. So, maybe I should try deer calls. I used to think learning to use calls would be like learning to play a harmonica, and I’m a very shitty harmonica player. But last year, during the spring turkey season, I successfully called in a turkey with a push button call and a gobbler shaker.

So, now I think it’s not quite so hard to make the right sounds and rhymes to draw in a wild animal. The only reason I didn’t get that turkey is I was thinking too much about how well they see. Though its back was to me for a minute or more, I took too long to pick up my gun. The turkey changed its direction and walked through some trees.

Maybe I could’ve gone after it, but I thought another turkey might come along. Also, I’m not sure how fast turkey run or how well they hear. I just know they have amazing eyesight and no sense of smell. I didn’t get another chance because I only made it out once that season.

I might go out for the next turkey season, we’ll see. But my passion is deer hunting. I have not experimented with deer calls yet. If you have any recommendations on which deer calls I should try, drop a comment.

The First Day of a New Year

It’s January 1, the first day of 2019. I always launch a new work plan on Jan 1 and this year is no exception.

I finished my deer hunting season yesterday. It was unsuccessful. I saw four deer in the entire season, from Oct 1 to Dec 31. I didn’t get a shot at any of them. The fourth deer, I saw yesterday, and by the time I noticed it was there, it was already running away.

I’m bummed about not getting a deer. I had a three year streak. I’d gotten a deer every year for three years. In those three years, I had seen a lot of deer. What did I do wrong in 2018?

Because I didn’t get a deer, I’m going to take the money I was saving to cover the processing costs and use it to buy a supply of meat from the Brower Farms in Brown City. They have good deals for beef, pork and chicken. I’ll probably choose one of their bundle options.

I had the appraisal for my house yesterday. I should have the results in a few days. I’m a little nervous. The appraisal will need to show that the house is worth the price that my landlord and I agreed on or there will be problems and I might not be able to buy it.

Everyone else involved seems confident that everything will be fine. So, I’m trying to not worry too much. I just really don’t want to lose my house.

My brother made side by side Before/After pictures of the house. I’m going to post them here. It makes it easier to see how different the house is after the work.

The Work is Done

They finished working on the house yesterday. You can see the Before pictures here. I added a couple updates to that post today, so you can see the old appliances.

Here are the After pictures. Originally, I had the wanted the new siding to be the same color as the old siding, but my landlord brought over a sample board of different siding colors and I liked the Oxford Blue best. My favorite color is blue, especially light blue. So, it’s nice having a house that’s my favorite color.

So, I chose the siding and I chose the new appliances. I cooked pork chops on the new stove last night. It works great. There was beer in the new fridge, but I just drank it all.

The appraisal will be Monday.