Know what I didn’t think to do yesterday? DVR the game. I wonder if I might’ve seen myself on TV. At one point, a fly ball came our way and everyone reacted to it. I couldn’t see it, so I kind of freaked out and ducked behind the guy in front of me.

Tigers in Detroit

This is the most beautiful place on Earth and I was thrilled to be there again. Too many years have gone by since I last set foot in this park.

I just got home from the game. The Tigers didn’t win, but it was still great to be there. I’m grateful to my friend Brooke and her husband Tony for getting us all tickets. I had been wanting to go to a game for a very long time. It was me, my sister Nicole and my brother Fred, Brooke and Tony and their kids. The group might have been bigger, but a few people were unable to go.

It rained quite a bit in the middle of the game. They stopped the game for a while and had the tarp over the infield. A few people stayed out in the rain and waited it out, my sister and I among them, but most went up to the higher seats where there is a roof. I’m a hunter, I sit out in the rain a lot, so this wasn’t a big deal for me, especially when it was a warm day.

Well, I checked, and I see the Lions won today. They ended with a tie last week, but they didn’t lose. So, we can say that, so far, the Lions have not lost a game this season.

No Horsey

It really makes me mad when I find that the bottle of horseradish sauce I had delivered yesterday was already open. I was just going to put some on my hamburgers and the cap was loose. I know I hadn’t opened it yet. I threw it in the garbage.

Shipt Shopping

A Shipt Shopper just delivered a few groceries. One of the items I’d wanted was a 12-pack of Rolling Rock. I decided on the Rolling Rock because it was going for $8.59 and that seemed like a good deal for that much beer.

The Shipt Shopper sent me this picture with the text “Bad news, that’s where the Rolling Rock is supposed to be.” I ended up deciding on a different beer, but maybe I should’ve picked the little devil.

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