Yesterday, we had a birthday party for my great nephew Ezra, at my mom and dad’s house. This was my gift to him. He really has developed a love for tractors since I introduced him to John Deere last Christmas. Several of his toys are tractors. He even has one of those battery powered tractors that he rides around my mom and dad’s yard. The battery powered tractor has a trailer and he could help with the yardwork. I figure, you learn tractors and how to operate them, there’s a lot you can do.


Today, while looking for markets to submit a couple stories to, I saw that two markets I had submitted to for years are now expecting writers to pay fees when they submit stories. I’m a firm believer that the money should always flow to the writer, not the other way around. I will not pay to play.

It’s hard enough making a buck doing this, why should writers have to pay for editors to consider their work? Whenever I come across a market that charges reading fees, I’m tempted to chew them out over it.

Never pay reading fees. They’re rip offs.

Clean Ups

Yesterday, I finished cleaning up an old 9,000-word story of mine. It was slow going through that thing, because every paragraph was a disaster that needed fixing. It was not well written at all. This wasn’t the rough draft, either. Though I haven’t touched the story in years, I had gone over it many times, and it was still awful. I can’t believe I ever submitted that story for publication in the state it was in.

Today, I’m going over a new 18,000-word story, that is a rough draft. I finished writing it months ago, but haven’t had a chance to clean it up yet. Getting through this story is much easier. There are things I need to fix here and there, but not much., and I like the way it rolls.

Third Party

Will somebody explain this to me in a way that makes sense? I keep hearing that a third party vote goes to one or the other leading candidates. How does this work exactly? When people vote third party, does someone then dump those votes into Trump’s box or Biden’s box?

Also, Democrats claim that a third party vote is a Republican vote, while Republicans claim a third party vote is a Democrat vote. So, which is it?

I’m not voting third party, but I don’t like how people from the two leading parties shit on people who want to vote third party.

is on the wrong train.