The Passion Play (2019)

This is a first. Me reviewing a play. Never saw that coming.

My sister goes to the River Church in Holly. She invited me, my brother and our parents to see the play with her and my niece. I guess the church  has The Passion Play every year. I don’t know if the play is made up of members of the church or if they’re performers from anywhere who just happened to land the roles. I will say this, they are very professional.

The people who put this thing on know what they’re doing. The acting was great, the music was great, the singing was wonderful, the lights were great, the background videos were great. This is a very high quality performance with believable special effects.

I’m deaf. I can hear well enough to enjoy the music and I can hear when there’s dialog, but I could not make out a word that was said or sang. Even so, I know the story of Jesus and I knew what was going on.

There was a particular female singer who’s singing was so beautiful, it filled my heart. I was disappointed when her performance ended and she hurried offstage as others were coming on. I don’t know who she was cast as. Maybe Mary, maybe another woman from the Bible.

It was pretty neat how swiftly the stage changeups were. An act would end, the lights would go out for about twenty seconds. When the lights came back on, there would be one large object or another in the middle of the stage. I was like, how did you get that up there so fast?

Also, at times, I saw Jesus on one end of the stage. In the next couple seconds, I’d notice he was on the other end of the stage, and I’d wonder when he moved over there. I don’t know if that was part of the show or if I just lost track of him.

Whether you’re religious or not, whether you believe the Bible or not, I think you could enjoy The Passion Play.

I was very impressed.

2 thoughts on “The Passion Play (2019)”

  1. Im so so glad you enjoyed the play. This is the first time i have reviewed your page and Robert after reading your writings on religion i am convinced that God is so close to you( Matthew 5: 3 thru16)(John10:14)(John 10:27 thru 29)! I know that he has been carrying you for a very long time. And your right. You have never been alone. True believers, true Christians struggle. Our road and this path is very narrow and its a hard road and few will find it( Matthew 7: 13 , 14)( Matthew 7: 21 thru 23). The great news is that the reward for daily struggle is going to be greatly rewarded with our gift that we have been given through our savior Jesus Christ who was without sin , and was crucified in our place so that we could have everlasting life with Him(Matthew 10: 22) (John 3:15 thru 18)(John10:15)(John 14:1 thru 4)(John 16:27). He is the way the truth and the light (John 14:6) Happy Easter Brother!

  2. Thank you. Happy Easter to you too.

    I don’t see myself ever agreeing with everything the Bible says, but there’s a lot in it that makes sense.

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