One of Our Spaceships is Missing, by Chris Gerrib

Okay, first things first. I know Chris Gerrib served in the U.S. Navy and I believe much of what he writes is drawn from his experiences in the Navy. So, do they have fuck parties in the U.S. Navy too, or is that just a Martian Navy thing? I’m deathly curious.

Anyway, One of Our Spaceships is Missing is an action-packed, fun to read, very thrilling novel. I was sucked in at the beginning and I stayed hooked until the end. I don’t think there was a dull moment in the entire novel.

When pirates hijack an interplanetary passenger liner that’s in route to Earth from Mars, the FBI, the USSF and the Martian Navy work together to rescue the ship and its passengers.

There are Point-of-View characters who are FBI, Martian Navy, pirate and hostage, and you get to see what’s happening with each group.

Really, it’s a great novel.