Creepy Late Night

I was up till 7:45 AM last night. The new story is a ghost story and I guess it’s coming out well, because it’s creeping me out as I write it.

I’ve been stopping production to watch the Tigers, and then get back to work as soon as the game is over. My desired minimum is still five pages into the novel and five pages into the story, and there’s a number of other things on the task list that I want done each day before I call it a night.

Depending on how focused I am on a given day, it can indeed take me into the late morning hours. Last night, I was so fucking tired when I completed that last page, I immediately shut my computer down and went straight to bed.

The Tigers and Yankees are on now. It’s still Spring Training. The Tigers’ regular season starts April 8.

Novel 6
Words Added: 953
Total Wordcount: 98,449
Total Pagecount: 485

Story 45
Words Added: 1,080
Total Wordcount: 1,080
Total Pagecount: 6