Football & Production

It was a good weekend of football. All four games were quite thrilling, and close. All of them had ties broken in the end. The victors were the Bengals, 49ers. Rams and Chiefs.

I’ve been getting in writing almost every day, but not as much as I aim for. Which is fine, but I have a lot of stories and novels I want to write, so I aim for very big numbers.

You know how I said I like to get ten pages every day, five into a novel and five into a story. The truth is, I try not to settle for less than ten pages, but I aim for way more than that.

I’m a little self-conscious about revealing exactly what number of pages I aim for. In the past, when I mentioned such goals, people would discourage me. But I know it’s possible to hit these marks. Jay Lake, Mike Resnick, Jonathan Maberry are a few writers who come to mind when I think of massive production.

I remember a time when I wrote over 7,000 words in a day, which would be about 35 pages. So, I know I can do it, I just got to stay focused and try not to burn out.

Today, I got four pages, two each.

Some years ago, I would share my daily progress stats in the format you see at the bottom of this post. A lot of writers, pros and amateurs, were sharing their stats. I thought it was fun and inspiring. It showed me what was possible, for one thing.

Then there were other writers who complained about us sharing our progress stats. I guess our stats made them feel incompetent or pressured, or something. I started feeling self-conscious about sharing my stats. Maybe other writers did too, because they don’t share theirs anymore either.

I wonder if I should’ve just kept doing my thing and told the snobs to go to hell.

Words Added: 437
Total Wordcount: 77,337
Total Pagecount: 382

Words Added: 454
Total Wordcount: 1,445
Total Pagecount: 8