An Open Letter to Supporters of Trump

Let’s say we’re in Nazi Germany right now. Hitler is in power.

You have nothing to worry about because you are not one of the minorities that the Nazi regime targets and you are not a political enemy of Hitler’s.

Maybe you’re not a member of the Nazi Party, but you’re fine with what they’re doing. They got rid of the Jewish, who you believe are terrorists, murderers, rapists, thieves, after your women, taking your jobs, disrespecting your country and trying to take it over, and so on. They got rid of the Roma and Sinti, and a number of other groups that you believe are a problem in your country.

Under Hitler, life is good for you. The Nazi Party caters to the working class. They are, after all, a right wing, conservative party. They want a strong, patriotic Germany, which falls right in with what you want.

You don’t care about those other groups. You’re glad they’re gone. They were nothing but a nuisance and burden.

You see no reason to rise up against Hitler.

Now, let’s come back to present day America. Trump is in power.

The Muslims and other minorities in America of this era are the Jewish and other minorities of Germany of that era. Everything Hitler, the Nazi Party and their supporters claimed about the Jewish and others is the same thing Trump and his supporters claim about Muslims and others. It’s propaganda, bigotry and ignorance, and it creates fear and hate for those who don’t hold to the same ways that you do.

Trump has not gone as far as Hitler did, but he seems to want to. Based on things that I’ve heard from supporters of Trump, it seems they wouldn’t mind if he went that far.

That’s why I say Trump supporters are singing Hitler’s tune and they don’t even know it. They keep comparing the Democrat Party to the Nazi Party, but currently the Republican Party while under Trump is the most Nazi-like we’ve had in my lifetime.

I praise the Republicans who have turned away from Trump. Trump is wiping his ass with the Constitution. Just because he’s not going after the Second Amendment, doesn’t mean he’s not threatening other sections of the Constitution. Currently, he’s violating the 1st Amendment, but you’re fine with that, because it’s not your beliefs and values that are being crushed under his foot.