The Damnedest Thing

I just realized that I haven’t heard much “Trump 2020!” shrieking lately. Could it be that he really is losing support?

From the article: “Trump stood behind his pledge to veto a $740 billion defense bill over a requirement that the Defense Department change the names of bases named for Confederate military leaders. That list includes Fort Bragg in North Carolina, Fort Hood in Texas and Fort Benning in Georgia.

The president argued there were no viable alternatives if the government ever tried. “We’re going to name it after the Reverend Al Sharpton?” Trump asked, referring to a prominent civil rights leader. “What are you going to name it?””

How about Colin Powell? We oughta have a fort named after Colin Powell.

Looking into it. These forts were built years after the Civil War. Why were they named after Confederate generals? That doesn’t make sense at all. If the forts had been built and named during the Civil War, then that would have made sense.

Is it not acknowledged that during the Civil War, the Confederate States of America were not the United States? The Confederate States were their own country for five years. They fought against the United States so they could continue being the Confederate States of America.

Why, after the United States wins the war, would we be naming forts after the generals of another country, especially a country that was an enemy to the United States? That’s like building a fort years after the American Revolution and naming it after General Cornwallis.

Good Heavens, people. What’s wrong with us?