I Don’t Know

I don’t know anymore. Is Whitmer right or is she wrong? As is often the case with me, I’m finding myself in agreement with both sides of the argument. I do know that cases in Lapeer just jumped from 18 to 82, and we have five Covid-related deaths, as of yesterday. I don’t know what we look like today.

Lapeer is not a highly populated county like Genesee, Oakland and Wayne, but we’re getting our share of this monster.

I wish services like Shipt and Instacart would get their shit together so we can count on them to bring our groceries to us. I wish the stores would allow toilet paper, soap and disinfection wipes, etc to be shipped to us via UPS or FedEx instead of requiring us to go to the store and purchase these items. I heard you can’t even get those items in curbside pickup. You have to enter the store for them.

Everyone is mishandling this thing, from the government to the stores. They’re all making moves that cause problems with other portions of the machine that would function just fine if they would let it.