And Then There Are Lion Fans

Loyal Chief fans are talking about how they stuck with their team through all the hard years, never giving up on them, though the Chiefs hadn’t been to the Super Bowl in fifty years.

And then there are Lion fans who hope year after year after year for a first Super Bowl appearance. The Detroit Lions are one of the oldest teams in NFL. There are only four teams that are older than the Lions, and each of those four teams had been to the Super Bowl. The Lions are thirty years older than the Chiefs.

Lion fans stick with the team through all the years of hardship and heartbreak, agony and torture. We become enraged and murderous. We think we can’t take it anymore and yet we keep coming back with hopes that this new season will be ours.

Because we really love the Detroit Lions. We love them, though they often leave us feeling let down. The Detroit Lions are our team no matter what. It’s loyalty in the truest form.

I’m a Lion fan and I’m proud of it.