Not Everyone has Wisdom Teeth that need to be Pulled

Every now and again I’m asked about my wisdom teeth and whether I had them pulled out yet. It seems I should have had my wisdom teeth taken out a long time ago, because apparently everyone else has had theirs taken out long before they hit mid-life crisis.

When I tell people I still have my wisdom teeth, they are shocked. The next thing they want to know is, am I having any problems with my teeth? No, I’m not. My reply is always met with disbelief, like that just can’t be true. Everyone has to have their wisdom teeth taken out! That just the way it is!

Nope, that’s not true.

So annoyed was I with the notion that I need to have my wisdom teeth taken out, I decided to look into it. There’s a bit of information online about wisdom teeth. While wisdom teeth do eventually cause problems for most people, some people can go through life without ever being bothered by their wisdom teeth.

So, there you have it. I’m a caveman.