Nazis in America

People keep saying “racists” when they talk about Nazis. But Nazis are much more than racists. I’m too tired to list all the things Nazis stand against, but freedom is one of the things. Actually, the Nazis anti-freedom stance can cover it all.

As we all know, the Nazis are responsible for the deaths of millions of people. They murdered people because of race, religion, sexuality, disability, political leaning. The list goes on and on.

They would arrest you, stick you in a concentration camp if you didn’t show full support of the Nazi Party. You were required to make the Hitler salute whenever a band of storm troopers marched by on the street. You couldn’t listen to the music you liked, read the books you liked. You couldn’t express yourself freely, and so on.

Nazis in America might have freedom of speech like the rest of us. But I don’t care. I’m fine with the idea of beating the shit out of them whenever they show themselves. No more of this sign waving and chanting as counter protest. Grab those assholes and beat the shit out of them. I think the best way to get rid of Nazis is to make them fear the people.

2 Thoughts to “Nazis in America”

  1. I agree with you, but that is what they want. They are trying to provoke violence so they can say; “See? Look at how violent the enemy is”. Then they will press charges and be completely void of any responsibility in the incident.
    I wrote a whole blog post on my site on how I think we should stand up to hate. The most effect approach that keeps people out of trouble, in my opinion, is to completely drown them out vocally. Then they won’t be able to spread their word. The end result is, they wasted all that money and time to hold that rally and accomplished nothing.

  2. Rob Darnell

    I figured all that. But I was thinking, if we put the fear of God in them, they won’t dare stick their necks out again.

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