Finding Fish, by Antwone Fisher

I haven’t blogged in over a week. Been failing to get to the end of my check list. I just finished reading Finding Fish, by Antwone Fisher, so here’s my review..

Finding Fish is nonfiction. Antwone Fisher tells the story of his life as a foster child in Cleveland. From a very young age and until his late teens, Antwone was fostered by a family that abused him and two other foster children in their care.

It’s a very emotional story. It brought tears to my eyes. Thank God for the United States Navy. The Navy not only gave Antwone a home when he’d finally left his foster parents, the Navy also helped him recover.

2 Thoughts to “Finding Fish, by Antwone Fisher”

  1. Fred

    I told you its a good book. You should read “My Life in Parts” By Bryan Cranston (From Breaking Bad/Malcolm in the Middle)

  2. Rob Darnell

    I feel like my review here doesn’t do it justice, but sometimes I just don’t have that much to say about a book.

    I’ll put the Bryan Cranston book on my to-read list.

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