Heritage Manufacturing Rough Rider

20161207_093705Yeah, I got one of those too. My Heritage Manufacturing Rough Rider came with two cylinders, one for .22lr and the other for .22 Magnum. Though, I confess, I haven’t used the .22 Magnum cylinder yet and have only run .22lr through the pistol.

My Rough Rider is my primary target pistol. I bought it because I wanted to learn to shoot like Wyatt Earp and Billy the Kid. I might get another one eventually, so I can do two pistol shootings. I think that would give me equal practice with both hands and it would be fun.

Heritage Manufacturing has several different versions of the Rough Rider. They come in different calibers, colors and grips. You can also buy different grips, to replace the ones you have, if you want something more fancy. I have an eye on a couple different grips. I also like the holsters they have. It’s all available on the Heritage Manufacturing  website.

My Rough Rider does everything I expect it to do. It must shoot straight, because I can hit the target with it.