Ooo, Negan

On last night’s episode of The Walking Dead, Negan turned up at the town gate with his barbed wire baseball bat and a bunch of assholes. I don’t like Negan, he’s a shit sickle. You know what he did last night? He threatened to kill Judith if Rick didn’t turn over all the guns that the town had listed. Two of the guns on the list were missing and Negan wanted them found.

How about that? Negan had the right idea there. If you want to control people, the best thing to do is disarm them. And oops, if Rick’s town hadn’t been keeping a list of all the guns, Negan wouldn’t have known how many there were and some of the guns could have remained hidden.

Well, Rick was tempted to bash Negan’s head in, but he didn’t. If Negan was cut down, though, I wager his herd of sheep wouldn’t hold together so well. So, really, Rick needs to grow his balls back and bash Negan’s head in.

It’ll probably happen later in the season, but how many will die before it does?

One Thought to “Ooo, Negan”

  1. Fred

    Negan is an annoying cartoon character. Rick will get him when the time is right and by the way, Daryl is fine. He is just laying low waiting for the right movement. Sasha and Maggie are out there somewhere and they are armed. Morgan and Carol are out there too.
    I think that tiger is going to take out Negan. That will be perfect

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