No American Should Have to Fear the President

I’m grateful for the people protesting Donald Trump’s presidency. I don’t care how fair the election was. I don’t care if the other half of the voters want Trump in the White House and are just anxious for the day he takes over. A lot of people are scared. If that many people are afraid of the president-elect, then something is terribly wrong.

Yes, since Trump won the election, he has said some things that almost restore hope. It sounds like he doesn’t plan on wiping out the Affordable Care Act, but intends to make changes to it. I hope they are good changes. He also said something about wanting to work with all parties and bring the country together.

But a number of things he has said during his campaign are not forgotten. This is why so many people are afraid. Since Trump’s victory, there has been a number of hate crimes reported. It’s going to get worse as time goes on.

No one in the United States should have to accept a president who promotes hate.

I don’t know that the protests will make a difference. I think the best we can hope for in this scenery, is that the protesters do not give up and continue to grow in numbers. Maybe with enough pressure, Trump will resign before he even takes office.

But that’s a huge maybe. I doubt it’ll happen, because the number of Trump supporters is practically equal to the number of people who voted against Trump.

I pray that Trump ends up being something like Louis XIV and has a total change of heart.

2 Thoughts to “No American Should Have to Fear the President”

  1. Fred

    Until the Electoral College cast their votes in Mid December there is still a small chance he could lose the election. That is why he is softening his tone post election.
    The Trump we saw in on the campaign trail is the real Trump.

    Going back 40 years, the rhetoric remains consist, It would be comical if it wasn’t so serious how he just called Obama a good man whom he respects after several years of leading the birther movement.

    We are hopeful the massive protests across the nation will sway the Electoral College when they vote. However that is very unlikely.

  2. Rob Darnell

    That makes sense. It did cross my mind that Trump might just be trying calm everyone down until he is officially the president.

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