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I don’t care if the Super Bowl halftime show was sexy or not, or whatever it might have meant. I just don’t like those dance party halftime shows. I like rock concerts,. One year they had the Rolling Stones, another year they had Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, and Red Hot Chili Peppers suddenly appeared onstage once in the midst of an R&B performance, and it was super neat how the R&B guys jammed with the Peppers.

And Then There Are Lion Fans

Loyal Chief fans are talking about how they stuck with their team through all the hard years, never giving up on them, though the Chiefs hadn’t been to the Super Bowl in fifty years.

And then there are Lion fans who hope year after year after year for a first Super Bowl appearance. The Detroit Lions are one of the oldest teams in NFL. There are only four teams that are older than the Lions, and each of those four teams had been to the Super Bowl. The Lions are thirty years older than the Chiefs.

Lion fans stick with the team through all the years of hardship and heartbreak, agony and torture. We become enraged and murderous. We think we can’t take it anymore and yet we keep coming back with hopes that this new season will be ours.

Because we really love the Detroit Lions. We love them, though they often leave us feeling let down. The Detroit Lions are our team no matter what. It’s loyalty in the truest form.

I’m a Lion fan and I’m proud of it.

The 49er’s Didn’t Win

I know, I said it would be cool if Kansas City won, even though I was rooting for the 49ers. But as the game processed, I really wanted the team I picked to win. Up until the last few minutes, I thought I would be telling you that the team I picked won. But no, the Chiefs turned that around. I was pretty emotional during those last few minutes.

Congratulations to all the Chief fans I have on Facebook. I thought it was a very good game, even though I’m disappointed that the team I picked didn’t win.

I’m home now, my brother’s here, we’re having beer.

Another Shoveling

It was a few inches deep. I finished up in time to catch the last couple minutes of the Chief-Titan game. The Chiefs are going to the Super Bowl. The Packers and 49ers start in a few minutes, on Fox.

I’m hungry. I’m going to make hamburgers.

No Patriots in the Playoffs

I admit that I had rooted for the New England Patriots in the NFL playoffs and Super Bowl a few times. But I was getting tired of them, winning the Super Bowl year after year. There was always this controversy surrounding the Pats, about whether they played an honest game of football.

Last season, I rooted against the Pats and they won the Super Bowl anyway. This season, I’m glad the Titans knocked the Pats out of the playoffs in the Wildcard Round. It makes me feel like the playoffs will be more enjoyable. Less bickering, and no controversial mindfucks about whether someone let the air out of the ball.

The Divisional Round is January 11 and 12. AFC will be Titans Vs Ravens and Texans Vs Chiefs. NFC will be Vikings Vs 49ers and Seahawks Vs Packers.

I’m rooting for Green Bay. The Cheeseheads are my number two team in NFL. If the Packers should fall, my next pick would be one of four teams, Titans, Ravens, Chiefs or 49ers.

I know, during the preseason, I predicted that the Lions would win the Super Bowl this season. I was wrong.