Positive Thought?

People say, “positive thoughts bring positive results.”


Every year, at the beginning of baseball season, I declare that the Detroit Tigers are going to win the World Series. Instead, what happens is the Tigers are lucky if they don’t finish in last place.


Tigers beat the Guardians again. Thanks to Soto. Was some heat from Cleveland in the bottom of the 9th. Their manager was ejected, and one of their players tried to charge out of the dugout like he was going to kick some ass, but his teammates restrained him.


So Much for Faith

I thought I’d be watching the Tigers and Yankees tonight, but turned out the game was only on Apple TV and I don’t have Apple TV. Damn good thing, too. So much for faith, y’know? The box scores show that the Yankees have the Tigers 12 to nothing and the game isn’t over yet. The 6th just ended.

I would not have sat well through this game. Things might have gotten broken. I hate the New York Yankees.

Production & Stuff

Production is going well today. Listening to music while I work. Windows are open and the wind comes through them.

I plan to stop production at 7 to watch the game. But my dad and I might end up going to Menards instead. I still need to get the trim to finish the tile job I did last year. I also need to replace some blinds in my living room.

I’m considering getting curtains for all the living room windows, Blinds break every couple years. I think curtains would last longer. But I haven’t made up my mind yet. Probably just going to replace the broken blinds for now.