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Yesterday, my dad and I were at Menards in Davison. When we on our way back to the car, we stopped and looked at a couple of towering quadpod stands. I  expressed that I was interested in them and had been looking at such things online for a couple weeks now. (Remember, I’ve been obsessing over hunting gear.) But these stands are out of my price range, so I didn’t expected I’d have one anytime soon.

My dad informed me a little while ago that him and my mom had decided to get me an early Christmas present, which happens to be the  Pinnacle 14ft Quadpod. That’s quite a surprise. It’s an early Christmas present so I can have it up and ready in time for the bow season, which starts October 1st.

I don’t have it yet, but it was ordered. I’m thrilled and can’t wait to use it. It’ll have me up much higher than my shack does. That should help keep my scent from being detected and give me a longer view.

There’ll be pictures when I have it and it’s set up.

We’re in the middle of August, October 1st isn’t too far off

Who’s deer hunting this year? Got any stories or tips, or anything at all to share about deer hunting?

I’m not an expert hunter, but I like to say, when you go hunting, just relax, don’t try so hard to make nature obey your will. If you use a shack or blind, bring your phone and read an ebook while you wait for deer. I often read a whole chapter before I look out the window, and when I look out, many times there is something there.

I believe I had a buck in front of me last year, in October. If my eyes weren’t decieving me, it had two antlers that were about six inches long. But, of course, I bumped my bow into the wall when I picked it up.

Not My Usual Hunting Ground

I haven’t been turkey hunting yet, but today I got the blind up. I decided to set up base in the Pine Tree Corridor, way across the field from the Bat Shack and my hunting ground. From inside the blind, I would have a nice wide view of the hill.

Other news. Recently my dad was on my hunting ground, where the Bat Shack is, and he found this broken arrow. He showed it to me today and I confirmed that it is the arrow that killed Deer #2. It’s a four-blade broadhead. I remember that it went through the deer and got stuck in the ground behind it. That was October 2016.

I’m getting anxious for deer season.

An example of how the DNR does not make sense

Seems like I’m blogging about hunting lately. The other day I blogged about my frustration with the DNR and their regulations. Yesterday I blogged about coyotes near my hunting ground. Today I’m combining those two topics to give you an example of how the DNR does not make sense.

One rule is, at sundown, when most hunting hours end, you’re supposed to unload your weapon. Most hunters call it a day at sundown and will unload their weapons before they head in. If a DNR agent happens along and finds them with a loaded weapon, he’ll fine them and take their weapon as a prize.

You with me so far?

Okay, now coyote hunting is legal year-round, because coyote have been a problem. There have been reports of them chasing people, killing pets and livestock, and causing all sorts of damage. But not only is coyote hunting legal year-round, you can also hunt coyote at night, you just can’t use centerfire rifles when you do.

In order to hunt coyote legally, you need a Base/Small Game license. Every hunter has a Base/Small Game license, because you can’t purchase a Deer, Turkey or any other hunting license unless you first purchase a Base/Small Game license.

I’m not really interested in hunting coyote. I would only shoot a coyote if it was going to attack me or if it was causing some damage. But then, that’s why coyote hunting is legal year-round and why you can hunt coyote at night. Damage control.

So, when I finish hunting, I’d prefer to have my weapon loaded as I walk back to the house. I don’t want to  encounter a coyote pack and not have a loaded weapon.

According to the DNR, that is not legal. But according to the Base/Small Game license, it is legal. When I finish deer hunting, I could be coyote hunting, and therefore have my weapon loaded and ready.

I don’t see how a DNR agent would have grounds to fine me and take my weapon if I have a Base/Small Game license that allows me to hunt coyote at night.

Coyotes in the Woods

I was just reading the comments on a Field & Stream survival article. Several hunters are saying they’ve been stalked by coyotes while making their way back to their trucks at sundown.

I know a lone coyote ain’t nothin’ to be afraid of. But a pack is another thing. There are coyotes in my woods, a lot of them. I never see them, but I hear them all the time when I’m hunting.

Sometimes when I’m on my way back to the house, I hear something rushing through the tall grass, or sometimes I’ll glance to the side and see something moving. It could be a deer, or it could be a coyote or even a cougar.

It scares the crap out of me. I’ll often yell a series of foul words in hopes of scaring it off, whatever the hell it is. But if it’s with a pack, I reckon it will not scare easily.

I’m always a little jumpy when walking back to the house at sundown. It’s creepy out there.