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If Goldilocks would stop using my tower, that’d be great

I didn’t hunt today, but I went out to my hunting ground with 100ft tape measure, because I wanted a better idea of how far from my tower I could place my bait and expect to get a clean kill. I want to place my bait between 50 and 75 yards from the tower. 50 and 75 yards is pretty far for me. The deer I killed before were no farther than 50 yards.

During the bow season, I mostly faced the field. For the firearm season, I’d like to face the other way. I’d be looking toward the Bat Shack and the edge of the woods. Unfortunately, there’s a tree that would block my shot. It’s not a big tree, but it has branches that would be in the way. I’ll probably cut the tree down tomorrow.

I haven’t gotten out that much during the bow season, and I haven’t made it out at all in the morning. My hunting times have been from around noon to sundown. I always close the windows and the door when I’m done hunting for the day.

A couple times when I went out, I found the front window wide open, the door wide open and the side window opened a little. Such was the case today. Also, I had a big piece of cardboard on the floor, so that when I sat something down, it wouldn’t make noise on the steel grate. The cardboard was gone today.

So, yeah, I think someone’s been using my tower, probably in the mornings.

Look, I’m sorry you don’t have a place of your own to hunt, but this ground is mine. No one is allowed to hunt on this ground without my permission. Now, I can invite anyone I want to hunt on my ground, but I did not invite you.

If I’m right about Goldilocks invading my hunting ground in the morning, he’ll get a surprise tomorrow. I plan to be out there very early. Tomorrow is opening day for firearms.


Firearm season starts Thursday. My dad’s letting me use his powerful rifle scope again. Got it sighted today.

When I shot my deer last year, the scope hit me in the head and I had to get seven stitches above my right eye. But I figured out that happened because when I was trying to get a clear view through the scope, I pulled my head back and that caused my shoulder to move back from the stock.

This year, we moved the scope mount forward an inch and that really makes a difference. Now in order to get a clear view through the scope, I have to really tuck the stock into my shoulder, very tightly and almost painfully, and the gun doesn’t recoil at all when fired.

This will be my first season with the new slug barrel on my Mossberg 500. I reckon it’ll make a difference in accuracy and I’m going to take long shots.

Many Beers Tonight

I made it out to my tower today. The weather was good for hunting. It even rained. A couple years ago, the biggest deer I’d ever seen came out immediately after it stopped raining. So, I’ve been holding to the belief that it’s best to hunt when it rains.

But I didn’t have the pulley for cocking my crossbow. I thought it was in my jacket pocket, but it wasn’t. It wasn’t in my backpack either. It’s in the pocket of my camo pants, but I didn’t wear those pants today.

Yeah, I could’ve cocked it with my hands. But that spells hernia real fast and I done had me enough of those in this lifetime. The crossbow has a draw weight of about 200 pounds. It easier and safer to use the pulley.

I’m going to start leaving the pulley in the tower. It seems like every deer season there’s at least a couple times when I forget to bring the pulley for my crossbow.

The Dodgers and the Brewers are now tied in the NLCS. Whichever team wins the next game will the be the league champions and face the Red Sox in the World Series. I’m rooting for the Dodgers.




My sister took the picture before I headed out today. I got in a few hours of hunting. It was pretty windy, and a bit cold. But it’s better when it’s cold. If you shoot a deer on a warm day, it might rot before you can get it butchered.

I really wanted to use my regular compound bow this year. I didn’t use it much in the past because the ceiling in my shack was low and the top of the bow would hit the ceiling. The ceiling of my tower’s blind is plenty high enough for a regular bow, and I might have used it. But I did something to my left elbow a couple months ago. It hurts when I draw back the string on the regular bow and I can’t hold it for long.

So, it’s the crossbow again.

I’m starting to think I’m going to need surgery to fix whatever’s wrong with my elbow. Think I tore something.

The Pistons beat the Cavs. They played on the Michigan State court today, not sure why. I have Game 1 of the Dodger-Brewer NLCS on. Top of the 6th, LAD 1- MIL 5.

I’d kill for some tacos right now.

Hunting & Sports

I ordered my deer license today, a buck tag and a doe tag. My dad and I started putting my hunting tower together. We’ll probably finish it tomorrow. Got home in time to see Michigan beat Northwestern. I have the Tiger-Brewer game on. Top of the 6th, 5-5. Tomorrow is the Tigers’ last game of the season.

Justin Verlander & the Astros will be in the playoffs. I’ll be rooting for them.


I just ordered some stuff from Mostly scent covers, but also got a bandolier holster for one of my pistols and a predator call. There are too many coyotes in the area.

You can hunt coyote year-round on a Base License, except for November 10-14 when you will need a Harvester License to hunt coyote. You can hunt coyote with a pistol, rifle, shotgun or bow. Many diifferent calibers are allowed, including .22lr.

Coyote can be hunted day and night, but at night you must be on the ground and not in a stand. You will need a predator call when hunting coyote at night. If you’re hunting coyote on state or public land at night. centerfire rifles and pistols are not allowed, but rimfire rifles and pistols are, as well as shotguns.

I’m just jotting all this down so I don’t forget it. I’m actually hunting deer, but if I encounter a coyote, I might take it.