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My sister took the picture before I headed out today. I got in a few hours of hunting. It was pretty windy, and a bit cold. But it’s better when it’s cold. If you shoot a deer on a warm day, it might rot before you can get it butchered.

I really wanted to use my regular compound bow this year. I didn’t use it much in the past because the ceiling in my shack was low and the top of the bow would hit the ceiling. The ceiling of my tower’s blind is plenty high enough for a regular bow, and I might have used it. But I did something to my left elbow a couple months ago. It hurts when I draw back the string on the regular bow and I can’t hold it for long.

So, it’s the crossbow again.

I’m starting to think I’m going to need surgery to fix whatever’s wrong with my elbow. Think I tore something.

The Pistons beat the Cavs. They played on the Michigan State court today, not sure why. I have Game 1 of the Dodger-Brewer NLCS on. Top of the 6th, LAD 1- MIL 5.

I’d kill for some tacos right now.

Hunting & Sports

I ordered my deer license today, a buck tag and a doe tag. My dad and I started putting my hunting tower together. We’ll probably finish it tomorrow. Got home in time to see Michigan beat Northwestern. I have the Tiger-Brewer game on. Top of the 6th, 5-5. Tomorrow is the Tigers’ last game of the season.

Justin Verlander & the Astros will be in the playoffs. I’ll be rooting for them.


I just ordered some stuff from Mostly scent covers, but also got a bandolier holster for one of my pistols and a predator call. There are too many coyotes in the area.

You can hunt coyote year-round on a Base License, except for November 10-14 when you will need a Harvester License to hunt coyote. You can hunt coyote with a pistol, rifle, shotgun or bow. Many diifferent calibers are allowed, including .22lr.

Coyote can be hunted day and night, but at night you must be on the ground and not in a stand. You will need a predator call when hunting coyote at night. If you’re hunting coyote on state or public land at night. centerfire rifles and pistols are not allowed, but rimfire rifles and pistols are, as well as shotguns.

I’m just jotting all this down so I don’t forget it. I’m actually hunting deer, but if I encounter a coyote, I might take it.

That worked

Last night, I put my bow case down in the middle of the patio, put a rock on it to keep it from blowing away. I put dish soap and laundry soap on it. Then the storm came.

This morning, the case doesn’t smell like cat piss anymore. It’s probably the best smelling bow case in the world.

Now it’s just got to dry off.

I wonder if I could’ve saved my three couches this way.

So, why is my bow case hanging outside?

Because I soaked it in rubbing alcohol and now I’m air drying it

Buddy here thought it would be a wonderful idea to relieve his bladder all over it.

He destroyed three of my couches this way. I have doubts that the smell will ever come out of the bow case, and I’ll probably have to throw it out. I like this case.

No, Buddy will not be murdered, nor will he be given away or dropped off. Yes, I am furious with him. Yes, I lost my temper and yelled at him multiple times, and scared him. I feel bad about that, but this pisses me off.

It’s like I can’t have anything soft in my house. I’ve been keeping him out of the bedroom during the day, because I’m afraid he’ll piss on the bed when I’m not there. I haven’t had a couch in over a year. I’m not going to get another couch until I have a protective cover for it.

Yes, his litter box is fine and he uses it.


Yesterday, my dad and I were at Menards in Davison. When we on our way back to the car, we stopped and looked at a couple of towering quadpod stands. I  expressed that I was interested in them and had been looking at such things online for a couple weeks now. (Remember, I’ve been obsessing over hunting gear.) But these stands are out of my price range, so I didn’t expected I’d have one anytime soon.

My dad informed me a little while ago that him and my mom had decided to get me an early Christmas present, which happens to be the  Pinnacle 14ft Quadpod. That’s quite a surprise. It’s an early Christmas present so I can have it up and ready in time for the bow season, which starts October 1st.

I don’t have it yet, but it was ordered. I’m thrilled and can’t wait to use it. It’ll have me up much higher than my shack does. That should help keep my scent from being detected and give me a longer view.

There’ll be pictures when I have it and it’s set up.