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Productive Day

This was a very productive day. I might’ve kept going, but the Astro-Ray game started and Verlander is pitching. This is Game 4. If the Astros win today, they win the division. If they lose, there’ll be Game 5.

The Braves and Cardinals are 2-2, so are the Dodgers and Nationals. They’ll all settle in their Game 5s.

Oh, and the Yankees already swept out the Twins.


I’m offloading some of my oldest stories this year. Bare Back Magazine just bought my story “The Carnival” for their October 2019 issue. This is my third sale to them.

I don’t remember exactly when I wrote “The Carnival”, but it was at least ten years ago.

It’s Done

I just finished the epic fantasy novel that I stopped writing in 2004. It’s now 707 pages and 141,821 words. This draft is pretty rough and it’s going to need cleaning. I might end up adding more than I take out. But before I start the editing process, I want to finish the series. This was Book One. I hope to have the story wrapped up at the end of Book Three, but it might end up taking four or five books to finish this story.

This is not the first novel I’ve finished, it’s just one that has sat unfinished for fifteen years.


I just sold one of my oldest stories. Been shopping it around for years. It’s called “The Infected” and it’ll be in the next issue of Short Short Story. The editor hopes to have the issue out in a couple weeks.

Fantasy Short Stories Book Three

I just got the word that Fantasy Short Stories Book Three is out in print now. It can be bought from Amazon. I posted about the release of the ebook version the other day.

Like I said, “The Assassination of Stonewall Jackson” is a favorite of mine, out of my own stories. It’s also the second story I’ve sold that had something to do with the Civil War.

The editor threw together a little video.

The Assassination of Stonewall Jackson

I feel like I’m moving up in the world when I see my name on the same cover as Gustavo Bondoni’s.

Fantasy Short Stories Book Three is out. The ebook version, anyway. The print version is not out yet, but hopefully it’ll be out soon. My story “The Assassination of Stonewall Jackson” is in this anthology.

“The Assassination of Stonewall Jackson” is one of my favorite stories. I had fun writing it and I’m thrilled that it’s been published.