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Look ma, a spark screen!

Even on the calmest days, a slight breeze will lift embers out of the fire ring. That always made me nervous. All the spark screens big enough for my fire ring were priced at around $150. But then I found one on for $44.99, plus shipping. That’s the one you see here. I believe it’s just as good as the more expensive ones.


I just had my washer fixed a month ago. Now the dryer is broken down. It runs, but won’t dry the clothes. I’m watching YouTube videos to see if I can figure out how to fix it myself, but doubt I’ll be able to.

it’s like this…

My patio used to be 16ftx18ft. But it had cracks and weeds growing through it. Before I bought the house from my landlords, they tore out the old patio, and then to stay within a budget, they made the new patio smaller.

Ever since, it’s been my goal to get the patio back to its old size. The big patio was one of the features I liked about the house, and I’m especially eager to make that L-shaped patch of dirt go away.

I might have it put back a square at a time. Starting with Square 1, and then some time later, I’ll do Square 2, and then Square 3. Or I might have the whole thing put back in a single day. Depends on what would cost what and how much I want to spend in a single day.

One way or the other, the patio is going to be put back. This is the first major project I’m going to have done on my property. It’ll be started very soon, too. Just as soon as I  find someone to hire for the job.

100 Years of Gerlach’s Bowling Center

From early 2001 to mid 2003, I lived in one of the apartments above Gerlach’s Bowling Center. Dan Gerlach was my landlord. I had been under the impression that he had started Gerlach’s Bowling Center in the 80’s. I got this ad in the mail today and I realize Gerlach’s Bowling Center is an old family business that has been handed down for generations. It was probably Dan’s grandparents who started the business.

We don’t need the Pits or the Lanes or any other seedy bowling alley that can’t stay in business or burns down, we got Gerlach’s. Gerlach’s has been good business in Lapeer since 1919. You got to respect that.

I heard that after the fire at the Lanes, Dan opened a bar at Gerlach’s. I should stop in for a beer and bowl sometime.

Loppers are handy tools

Been busting ass in the back yard today. Cleaning up the leftovers from last Fall. Leaves and sticks mostly. I didn’t burn anything today, but I did pile a lot of sticks in the fire ring, though most of them I’ll be moving out before I light a fire. Can’t burn all that at once, the fire would be too big.

I didn’t think to take before pictures until I was halfway through clearing this mess of thin tree stumps. Those stumps used to be tall trees that hung over that portion of the yard and the shed. It was a mess. In December, my landlords had them cut so they could paint the shed and give it a new roof.

I took the loppers and cleared up the stumps and now I have a another pile of sticks to burn. I’m still not done with this area. Going to clear up the leaves and rocks, and see if I can cut the stumps shorter. But I’m beat, so it’s time to call it a day.

Don’t you hate it when those thin trees grow through fences. Got a couple stuck in the fence.

Mud Work

The picture shows my brother hammering down the tree spade, which is what we use to dig up the trees. It rained a lot over the last week and the ground was very wet and muddy today.


I sure like my new stove. I’ve used it a lot since I got it in December.  It cooks better than the old stove did. The best part is, I don’t have food getting under the burners anymore. What you see there is a pasta-ground beef mix.

Other news. The Pistons are in the NBA playoffs. This is the second game. 2nd quarter. Pistons 36 – Bucks 41. I think they need to win four out of seven games. They already lost the first game, hope they don’t lose tonight.