No Horsey

It really makes me mad when I find that the bottle of horseradish sauce I had delivered yesterday was already open. I was just going to put some on my hamburgers and the cap was loose. I know I hadn’t opened it yet. I threw it in the garbage.

Shipt Shopping

A Shipt Shopper just delivered a few groceries. One of the items I’d wanted was a 12-pack of Rolling Rock. I decided on the Rolling Rock because it was going for $8.59 and that seemed like a good deal for that much beer.

The Shipt Shopper sent me this picture with the text “Bad news, that’s where the Rolling Rock is supposed to be.” I ended up deciding on a different beer, but maybe I should’ve picked the little devil.


I’m offloading some of my oldest stories this year. Bare Back Magazine just bought my story “The Carnival” for their October 2019 issue. This is my third sale to them.

I don’t remember exactly when I wrote “The Carnival”, but it was at least ten years ago.