No go

Though we have 25 MPH winds today and lots of rain, I had hoped to hunt. It was on a day like this that I saw the king buck while hunting a few years ago. I saw him once in person, and later my trail camera got a picture of him when I wasn’t out there. But I don’t have a way to get over there today and my dad said we have hail and lightning, so I guess it’s better that I stay in.



Last night I watched “The 12th Man” on Netflix. I thought a couple scenes were ridiculous, but I really liked the movie. It’s baseed on the true story of Jan Sigurd Baalsrud who fled the Nazis in Norway in 1943.


I’ll never call myself a Democrat or a Republican, a right-winger or a left-winger, a conservative or a liberal, because I believe these two sides are ripping the country apart and because I have values that fall under each. I might call myself a Christian and an American, though.

is on the wrong train.