Coffee Table on the Curb

I’m doing some deep cleaning today. I cleaned off this coffee table. But then I thought, “Do I really need this table anymore?” It had been against the wall for a couple years now, since I got a much bigger coffee table (you can see it in my latest beer picture.) Pretty much all the old table was good for was storing board games and taking up space.

I decided to put the board games somewhere else and get the table out of here. So, now it sits on the curb. It’s a beautiful table, but there are some cracks and scratches on it. Also one of the doors on the side is missing.

Maybe someone passing through the neighborhood will want it. If not, Rick Rhein will eat it on Wednesday.


Discussing politics is dangerous. There’s two different ideas that I’m struggling with. One is “If you keep quiet about political issues, then you’re part of the problem.” The other is, “Don’t talk politics if you don’t want your friends to feel alienated.”

There are a number of political arguments that I wish I hadn’t had. They got very heated and bridges were burned. I don’t like losing friends, no matter how different our politics are.

Sometimes I think the smartest friends I have are the ones who race cars. They say nothing about politics. I’m sure they have political leanings, but I don’t know what they are. All they talk about is their race cars.

Chicken & Bacon

My dad brought me the Chicken & Bacon Ranch Melt from Subway. I usually prefer beef over chicken, but I discovered about two or three sandwiches ago that the Chicken & Bacon is the most fattening sandwich you can get from Subway, calorie-wise, and therefore the most fulfilling. When I’m real hungry, I go for the Chicken & Bacon.


I’m sitting in my office looking from one of Aunt Mirl’s paintings to the other. On my left is a long road parting a forest. The road continues into a bright light that might be sunset or sunrise. On my right is a cabin surrounded by snow. The sky is gray and I know it is a cold day. But the yellow light in the window tells me a fire is going in the fireplace and maybe there’s a pot of soup hanging from the spit.