More Darkness

Democrats see Republicans as bullies, but don’t acknowledge that Democrats are bullies too. Republicans see Democrats as crybabies, but don’t acknowledge that Republicans are crybabies too.

Both parties have pros and cons. Neither is better than the other. If things keep going the way they’ve been, both parties will shoulder the blame for the death of America.

Look ma, a spark screen!

Even on the calmest days, a slight breeze will lift embers out of the fire ring. That always made me nervous. All the spark screens big enough for my fire ring were priced at around $150. But then I found one on for $44.99, plus shipping. That’s the one you see here. I believe it’s just as good as the more expensive ones.


I just had my washer fixed a month ago. Now the dryer is broken down. It runs, but won’t dry the clothes. I’m watching YouTube videos to see if I can figure out how to fix it myself, but doubt I’ll be able to.

That’s a wrap

Just wrapped up the first draft of a new novella. It’s a fantasy set in the early 1700s. Has to do with sailing and pirates. This draft is 102 pages and 22,299 words. I’m going to let it sit for a while, and then I’ll start the edit process.

I’m still working on the medieval themed epic fantasy novel from fifteen years ago. I now have 571 pages and 114,982 words. I try to work on it every day, but sometimes that doesn’t happen.

it’s like this…

My patio used to be 16ftx18ft. But it had cracks and weeds growing through it. Before I bought the house from my landlords, they tore out the old patio, and then to stay within a budget, they made the new patio smaller.

Ever since, it’s been my goal to get the patio back to its old size. The big patio was one of the features I liked about the house, and I’m especially eager to make that L-shaped patch of dirt go away.

I might have it put back a square at a time. Starting with Square 1, and then some time later, I’ll do Square 2, and then Square 3. Or I might have the whole thing put back in a single day. Depends on what would cost what and how much I want to spend in a single day.

One way or the other, the patio is going to be put back. This is the first major project I’m going to have done on my property. It’ll be started very soon, too. Just as soon as I  find someone to hire for the job.