CV-19: Survival

Out of 190,664 cases worldwide, 7,519 people died and 80,648 people recovered.

I think a lot of people are afraid that they themselves will die from CV-19, though most of them are healthy and should get through it just fine. But for other people, their biggest fear is they might pass it on to someone who won’t be able to survive it.

There are people I know who, if they caught CV-19 there’s a high chance that they won’t survive.

But I agree that the media and officials are putting undue emphasis on the number of deaths and causing a lot of unnecessary panic. Why aren’t they saying more about the number of people who recovered? It might settle people down a bit. But I’ve seen very little about people recovering from CV-19.

At the same time, though, I think something has be done to protect the people who are high risk. But the measures they’re putting in place, closing everything down and so on, is that going to make a difference?

Right now everything in Michigan is closed down for a couple weeks and they want us to stay home during this time. But in a couple weeks, is the situation going to be any better? What if it’s worse? Are they going to keep extending the length of time that they expect people to avoid in person contact with each other?

I’m Changing My Tone

We’re gonna be okay. CV-19 might be as terrible as they say, but we… are gonna be… okay. The hoarders are gonna stop, because most of them probably bombed out their credit cards buying all that shit anyway. Next, they’ll be tryin’ to get themselves out of debt by sellin’ it for more than it’s worth. But we ain’t gonna buy none. I’ll tell you why.

The stores are restockin’. Toilet paper and everything else will be plentiful. Even if the hoarders remortgage their homes and attempt to buy up everything all over again, they’ll find that the stores are limiting how much they can purchase, so the rest of us won’t have to go without the things we need.

A lot of people are gonna get CV-19, and it might be a demon’s bastard, but we’ll get through it, with hopefully not as many losses as have been predicted. However bad it is, we… will get… through it.

We’re gonna be okay.

is on the wrong train.