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Still chugging along

When I started this novel, I felt really good about the story I had in mind. I was excited about it. Though I wasn’t hitting high marks, I got in something every day for the first few days. And then I got distracted and didn’t work on it for about a week.

Right now my biggest distraction is the process of buying my house. It’s a little frustrating and a little scary. I’m constantly worried that something will go wrong and we won’t be able to close the deal. I just want to get it over with so I can relax. We’re expecting to close some time in December.

Anyway, after a week of not getting any work into the new novel, I got back to it yesterday, and I got in some more today. But now I can barely remember where I was going with the story. It’s like I lost the story. I feel like I’m just pushing it along because I want to finish what I started.

The moral here is, when you start a novel, work on it every day, even if you’re just getting in a little bit. That way you’re less likely to lose the story you set out to write.

Many Beers Tonight

I made it out to my tower today. The weather was good for hunting. It even rained. A couple years ago, the biggest deer I’d ever seen came out immediately after it stopped raining. So, I’ve been holding to the belief that it’s best to hunt when it rains.

But I didn’t have the pulley for cocking my crossbow. I thought it was in my jacket pocket, but it wasn’t. It wasn’t in my backpack either. It’s in the pocket of my camo pants, but I didn’t wear those pants today.

Yeah, I could’ve cocked it with my hands. But that spells hernia real fast and I done had me enough of those in this lifetime. The crossbow has a draw weight of about 200 pounds. It easier and safer to use the pulley.

I’m going to start leaving the pulley in the tower. It seems like every deer season there’s at least a couple times when I forget to bring the pulley for my crossbow.

The Dodgers and the Brewers are now tied in the NLCS. Whichever team wins the next game will the be the league champions and face the Red Sox in the World Series. I’m rooting for the Dodgers.



All Things Considered

I’ve been writing one short story after another.  Now I’m preparing to start a new novel. The novel will be titled “All Things Considered” and it will be speculative fiction. I’m figuring it’ll be around 70,000 words when it’s done.

I’ve decided to use that old cartoon meter from, to track my progress. I haven’t started yet, so right now it says 0 words (0%), and it shows the aim is 70,000 words.