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Did it Again

I cooked the stuffed chicken breast again. This time I did a better job cutting in the pocket and stuffing it. It was my last piece of chicken and smaller. Within the next few days, my brother is going to pick up my next order from the Brower Farms and bring it to me, and I’m going to try this recipe on him.

Red Wings at 7.

I Didn’t Blow Up the Kitchen

My cousin Tony gave me a stuffed chicken recipe. Today I gave it a try. I don’t think I did everything exactly right, but I think it was close enough.

For one thing, I got the wrong kind of Mozzarella cheese. It was supposed to be sliced cheese and I got shredded. But I think the only reason it was supposed to be sliced was so you could roll the asparagus and sun-dried tomatoes in it, and then stuff that into the chicken. Makes it easier, I guess. So I just stuffed in the cheese, asparagus and tomatoes unrolled.

I messed up the pockets when I cut them in and I think I overstuffed them with the cheese, asparagus and tomatoes. But it still worked. While cooking, a very pleasant smell filled the kitchen.

I just ate the best meal I ever cooked for myself. It was two good-sized stuffed chicken breasts. I feel fat right now. I’m definitely cooking this again, and I’ll probably do better next time.

The Pistons and Hornets are having a close game.

A New Discovery

I was working on something deep and meaningful to post, but that’s taking a toll on me and I won’t have it done today.

So, I decided to get blogity about my latest discovery. XFL. I knew there were other professional football leagues, but I don’t think I’ve seen any of the alternatives to NFL on TV before.

After seeing a game today, what can I tell you about XFL? Beside the fact that the team names sound like motorcycle clubs to me instead of football teams, the league is made up of good players.

This is just a guess. Some NFL players might be playing for XFL, since the NFL finished up last week. But what do I know? I’m brand new to XFL. I could look into it, but I don’t feel like it right now.

XFL seems to be popular enough. Shots around the stadium revealed that the lower level seating areas were full. The upper levels, not so much. But even in the NFL, stadiums aren’t always full.

I’m not positive, but I think the rules are a little different in XFL. I saw some weird things. Once the players formed two straight lines that stretched across the field, but not like they would in kickoff/recieving teams. The lines were too close togther.

I was too busy trying to figure out what was going on and I didn’t really see how the play went. I think it was a snap and rush that quickly ended with a tackle and no gain. I just, never saw anything like that before.

Another thing. It seems that, after a touchdown, instead of kicking for one additional point, in XFL they rush for the additional point. I know that in NFL, after a touchdown, sometimes they will rush instead of kick. But that counts for two points and they usually only do that when they need two points instead of one.

Is this because XFL doesn’t have enough qualified kickers? It did seem that the fieldgoal kickers missed a lot.

Well, I guess XFL is something I can turn to if I’m really in the mood to watch football when NFL and NCAA are done. It’s entertaining enough.

Pork chops for supper.


I don’t care if the Super Bowl halftime show was sexy or not, or whatever it might have meant. I just don’t like those dance party halftime shows. I like rock concerts,. One year they had the Rolling Stones, another year they had Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, and Red Hot Chili Peppers suddenly appeared onstage once in the midst of an R&B performance, and it was super neat how the R&B guys jammed with the Peppers.

And Then There Are Lion Fans

Loyal Chief fans are talking about how they stuck with their team through all the hard years, never giving up on them, though the Chiefs hadn’t been to the Super Bowl in fifty years.

And then there are Lion fans who hope year after year after year for a first Super Bowl appearance. The Detroit Lions are one of the oldest teams in NFL. There are only four teams that are older than the Lions, and each of those four teams had been to the Super Bowl. The Lions are thirty years older than the Chiefs.

Lion fans stick with the team through all the years of hardship and heartbreak, agony and torture. We become enraged and murderous. We think we can’t take it anymore and yet we keep coming back with hopes that this new season will be ours.

Because we really love the Detroit Lions. We love them, though they often leave us feeling let down. The Detroit Lions are our team no matter what. It’s loyalty in the truest form.

I’m a Lion fan and I’m proud of it.

The 49er’s Didn’t Win

I know, I said it would be cool if Kansas City won, even though I was rooting for the 49ers. But as the game processed, I really wanted the team I picked to win. Up until the last few minutes, I thought I would be telling you that the team I picked won. But no, the Chiefs turned that around. I was pretty emotional during those last few minutes.

Congratulations to all the Chief fans I have on Facebook. I thought it was a very good game, even though I’m disappointed that the team I picked didn’t win.

I’m home now, my brother’s here, we’re having beer.


The Pistons and Nets were tied, 106-106, and went into overtime, which ended with the Nets winning, 121-111.

I soaked chicken in Open Pit honey flavored barbeque sauce before broiling it. It wasn’t bad.

Made it to the end of Inception today. Good movie. Might watch it again.