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My brother and I got the trees dug up. I got home a few hours ago and resumed flattening the mound around the well. Still not done, but it’s looking better.

I think this is my fifth beer.

The Mower

I fixed the lawnmower. It wouldn’t start, but it’s running great now  I texted my dad pictures of the motor as I took it apart and he told me what I needed to do. If I’d had a system like this when I was growing up, I might’ve learned to fix a lot of stuff.

I just finished mowing the front yard.

I Don’t Regret My Tattoos

I don’t know when exactly the fascination started, but I remember having an interest in tattoos when I was a kid. I don’t think I understood what they actually were, but they were pretty neat to behold.

Later, when I understood what a tattoo was, I’d express interest in getting one. This was usually met with criticism and warnings. “If you get a tattoo, you’ll regret it.” “Everyone I know who has a tattoo wishes they’d never gotten it.” “It’ll fade over the years and look bad when you’re older.” And all that bullshit

I was so gullible that I believed it all. I even asked people who had tattoos if they regretted them, thinking they probably did. No one said they regretted their tattoos and they all seemed quite proud of them.

When I got my  first tattoo, at first I was unsure about it. All the things I’d been told were on my mind and I wondered if I’d made a mistake. But eventually those feelings subsided. The tattoo was important to me, I wanted it and I needed it. Also, by getting that first tattoo, I’d broken one of the chains that was always holding me back.

I did what I wanted to do. I didn’t need anyone’s permission and I didn’t let anyone talk me out of it. I don’t even care what my tattoos will look like when I’m older.

Look ma, a spark screen!

Even on the calmest days, a slight breeze will lift embers out of the fire ring. That always made me nervous. All the spark screens big enough for my fire ring were priced at around $150. But then I found one on for $44.99, plus shipping. That’s the one you see here. I believe it’s just as good as the more expensive ones.


I just had my washer fixed a month ago. Now the dryer is broken down. It runs, but won’t dry the clothes. I’m watching YouTube videos to see if I can figure out how to fix it myself, but doubt I’ll be able to.