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Father’s Day

I wanted to get over to my mom and dad’s, but didn’t have a way. My dad came when he finished working on the chicken coop and we went to MD’s Sports Tavern to get food curbside pickup. MD’s makes damn good, well-stacked burgers, which is what I just finished eating.

My gift to my dad was a box of coffee.

New Mask

Just got home. My dad gave me a new mask and I just happened to be wearing one of my Tiger shirts. About half of the people at Home Depot in Burton were wearing masks, though a few of them had their noses hanging over the tops of their masks. The other half were in the “I don’t wanna” category.

I got an email from Gov. Whitmer today. She says tattoo shops can open now. I’m gonna get another tattoo soon.

On the Porch like Clint Eastwood

I posted this on Facebook five days ago. I wanted to post it on my other blogs too and I decided not to fix the typos.

A little drunk noow. After mowing the front lawn, i decided to sit on porch and drink beer. About two hours later, i’m still sitting here.

I love this house so much, i can’t express how much i love my house. I’m so proud to be the owner of the blue house on Annibal Drive. Some people have called it a cute little house and I oughta slap them. In my eyes, this house is a glorious mansion.

So, i sit on the front porch and i drink beer, and i spit over the rails. I feel like Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino. . I know made that referance to Gran Torino a number of times. I guess that movie was sort of an inspiration, it was on my mind my mind when i realized i was going to do whatever i could to buy this house when my landlords announced they wanted to sell it.

Some people prefer to sit in the back yard. But i perfer to sit on front porch. It feels lonely sitting out back. I like being in the front. .

I like this neighborhood and wish i knew the neighbors. I’m prohahly aan asshole in their eyes though, considering how much angry yelling comes from my house since i moved in. Even so, i still love it here and plan to be here for tht rest of my life.

Well, i typed thtese whole thing on my phone and there are probaby a bunch of typos. I might fix them later if i log in on the computer, or i might not bother .

When Did I Graduate?

When people ask me, “When did you graduate high school?” I become uncomfortable. First, I don’t really know what year I graduated. I have a diploma around here somewhere. I could dig it up and see, if I felt like it.

Second, I didn’t graduate when I was supposed to. I dropped out of school a couple times, and went back, which resulted in me graduating much later than I was supposed to. Maybe if I had played school straight, I would have a concrete graduation year cemented in memory.

Graduating really wasn’t a big deal to me. My diploma is just some leather bond thing I come across every once in while when going through boxes of stuff.

Sometimes I worry that people will judge me if I tell them all this and I’ve often avoided the subject.

New Car

I just got home from Mom and Dad’s. Dad grilled ribs.

Shortly after I got there, Dad handed me this box and said he got it for me. At first, I thought it was a box of M&M’s, but then I opened it. Guess I’ve been talking a bit about my two new hobbies, collecting 1/24 scale diecast cars and watching NASCAR races.

It’s still not much of a collection yet, but now I have three cars to show. The new car is a Pontiac Grand Prix.


Maybe it was the return of NASCAR on Sunday. Yesterday I was very productive and today I’m pretty motivated. Things just feel more in place now. I always had an interest in racing, but never really followed the sport. I think that’s going to change, at least until baseball comes back.

I look forward to the next race.

Because I Want A Title

It was evening by the time I got gas for my mower yesterday and I was burned out. So, I thought I would finish the lawn today. No can do. It was sunny and dry yesterday, but today it’s raining like a bitch.

The Farmall clock is what I got my dad for his birthday, which was Sunday. The clock didn’t arrive until Tuesday and I gave it to him yesterday.

Yesterday, my dad and I measured to see how much I’ll need to get my patio back to it’s old size. So, hopefully we’ll be doing that soon. I’ve been wanting the patio back since I bought the house. The patio will be the first project I do on my property. I don’t want to do anything else until I get my patio back.

It’s really cool owning this joint now. There are a bunch of things I can do that I couldn’t do when I was the tenant. I have several ideas in mind. One idea is, I want to build a bar into this wall in my kitchen and have stools there, and get that little table out. I think it would make my kitchen roomier.

Someday, I might expand the kitchen and bathroom. I’ve had some thought about building a garage. And so on.

People have told me that homeownership isn’t all that great and renting is easier. I disagree. Homeownership is wonderful.