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George H. W. Bush

George H. W. Bush. I was twelve when he became President. I remember sending him a letter about my desire to join the military when I turned eighteen and asking if he could do something to change the rules that prevent deaf and hard of hearing people from serving.

I received a reply sometime later with an autographed picture of George Bush and Dan Quayle. The reply said something about congress needing to vote on it and all that, and there were a few words of encouragement, though it was really just a form letter put together by someone on the White House staff. I don’t know if Bush ever actually saw my letter.

I believe he was a good man.


I recently found out that my house is much older than I had thought. Now I’m convinced that it’s also haunted. This is what I saw when I got up this morning. The chair hadn’t been used in a couple days and the footrest was down. How did it pop up overnight? The lever that releases the footrest is something that takes effort to work. You can’t just bump into it and release the footrest, and there’s no way my pets could have done it.

Strange… and mysterious. o_O

Still chugging along

When I started this novel, I felt really good about the story I had in mind. I was excited about it. Though I wasn’t hitting high marks, I got in something every day for the first few days. And then I got distracted and didn’t work on it for about a week.

Right now my biggest distraction is the process of buying my house. It’s a little frustrating and a little scary. I’m constantly worried that something will go wrong and we won’t be able to close the deal. I just want to get it over with so I can relax. We’re expecting to close some time in December.

Anyway, after a week of not getting any work into the new novel, I got back to it yesterday, and I got in some more today. But now I can barely remember where I was going with the story. It’s like I lost the story. I feel like I’m just pushing it along because I want to finish what I started.

The moral here is, when you start a novel, work on it every day, even if you’re just getting in a little bit. That way you’re less likely to lose the story you set out to write.

Happy Halloween

I’ve never gotten Trick or Treaters, probably because I’m not even home until 7:30 or 8. It’s deer season. But I always get candy just in case, and I try hard not to eat it all before Halloween Night. Well, it’s 9:30 now, and I think Trick or Treating hours are over. So, now I’m eating one after another.


I just found out that my house was built around 1929. My landlord said he doesn’t think there’s an accurate record that states exactly when the house was built, but that the township has the year as 1929. I didn’t think it was anywhere near that old. I thought it was maybe built in the 60’s or 70’s. Now I’m very interested in the history of this place, though I doubt there’s any records to be found.

I signed the purchase agreement Monday and we’re moving forward, but some work will be done on the house before we close. Most notably, all the siding will be replaced, though I requested that the new siding be the same color as the old siding. The new siding will be vinyl, the old siding is wood. Also, the tree in the front yard will be cut down and the awing over the front door will be removed.

The back patio will be torn up and replaced with a new patio, and a small patio will be put in around the side door. I’m also getting a new refrigerator, stove and microwave. One window will be replaced, an outside light will be replaced and screens will be put on the attic windows.

Consider these to be the Before pictures. I’ll take After pictures when the work is done. When the work is done, then we’ll close on the house.

Updated 12/28/2018 to insert pictures of the old stove, microwave and fridge.