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Where are all the creepy clowns?

A friend wondered what happened to all the creepy clowns. They were everywhere, but now they’re gone. The reason you’re not seeing creepy clowns anymore is, I ate them.

Creepy clowns make good meals. Haven’t you ever had creepy clown fried ears or creepy clown nose tacos? There’s creepy clown buttered feet and creepy clown toe nuggets. The list goes on.

I pulled Pennywise right out of the storm drain and threw him on the grill. Barbecued creepy clown is amazing, especially if you use Open Pit Original.

I have a few recipes if anyone’s interested.


I don’t always share links, but when I do it’s because something excellent is about to happen.

Earlier today, I was remembering a time when I was in eighth grade. Some rock band put on a thing for the school in the gym. They took Lee Freeland and Mr. Holmes and dressed them up like Bill and Ted. It was interesting to see Mr. Holmes, a teacher who I had thought was a walking stiff, act all mellow and cool in his role as Ted.

Guess I was remembering this, because yesterday my Shipt shopper recognized me from school. That brought forward memories from that time.

Pet Food

There are only two pet food brands I trust. Orijen and Blue Wilderness.

Buddy the Cat will be nine this year. He’s huge but healthy. Luci the Dog is, I think, over fifteen and she still runs and jumps. I like to think it’s the food I feed them.

Another Today

Today, I decided to do my grocery shopping at the new Dollar General on the corner. I was able to get most of the items on my shopping list from the same spot. Didn’t need to go up and down the aisles, just had to open a few refrigerated compartments. They had everything I wanted, except steak.

The cashier caught me off guard when she did some ASL. I should’ve signed back, but I so stupidly didn’t think to, and instead quacked with my beak.


Going to Mom and Dad’s for ribs today. I plan to have a look at my hunting ground. Probably going to turkey hunt, the season starts tomorrow. Also, need to rebuild my shack for the next deer season. Last season, when it rained, I got pretty wet. The roof is leaking bad. It’s past time the shack got rebuilt.

This Goddamn Thing

I’m not entirely sure what the purpose of this thing is. I “think” it’s a sort of battery that assures the sub pump stays in operation if the power gets knocked out. Usually when the power gets knocked out and is off for a long time, this thing whistles until I go downstairs and hit the black switch to shut it up.

The whistling is incredibly loud and fills the whole house. It makes me wish my deafness went the other way and low pitched sounds are what I’m sensitive to, instead of high pitched sounds. But that’s not the case. I’m very sensitive to high pitched sounds.

Today, the damn thing has been going off every twenty or thirty minutes. And I have power. I guess because all the frozen rain from the last couple days is melting and my basement has a bit of water, the sub pump is running nonstop.

But the power isn’t out. So, I don’t know why the stupid thing keeps going off. That whistling is very distracting. I’m tired of going downstairs to hit the black switch.


It hasn’t gone off in a while. I think this truck is why.