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The Mound Is Flattened

It was easier going after I unearthed and removed the skull and ribcage that was buried there. At long last, the mound is flattened. I might’ve finished it sooner, but I didn’t work at it every day.

I just spread grass seed over it. At least I hope I did. I know I’ve seen grass seed before, but I don’t remember it being blue and smelling like chocolate cupcakes.

I hope the grass comes up right. I spread the seed around with my hands, and then used the rake to try getting the dirt over it, as the directions instructed. But I don’t know if I managed that part very good. I watered it, so we’ll see what happens.

The End Of An Era And The Beginning Of A New One

This is a drawer from my kitchen. It’s where I keep my silverware, spatulas , sporks, stirrers and stuff like that. The staples that held the bottom of the drawer to the back became disconnected years ago. The back of the drawer had a big gap and stuff was always falling through it.

My solution was to put in the wood stick that you see in the picture. I put screws  through the bottom board and the back board, and into the wood stick. Now the bottom is solid and I don’t believe it’ll ever be loose again.

Steak & Baseball

If you’re not too far from Brown City, I recommend getting your steaks from the Brower Farms. These are good thick cuts. I have trouble finding satisfying cuts at the grocery store. Besides, I keep hearing about recalls on food that comes from the grocery store.

The Tigers are playing the Twins right now. At 9, Michigan will play UCLA in Game 1 of the NCAA Baseball Tournament. So, it’s a night of baseball.

Grocery Store Interrogations

Have you ever been in the grocery store and had the cashier say to you something like, “Don’t you want to get mustard or mayonnaise for your sandwiches?” or “Jesus! Is that all you eat is steak and Hamburger Helper?”

I haven’t had an encounter like that recently, but there were times in the past when I did. Is it because there’s something about me that makes them suspicious about my mental stability? Why should I have to tell them that, believe it or not, I actually have other stuff at home?

This was on my mind because I just got a supply of meat from the Brower Farms. Ground beef, brat links, brat patties, burger patties, chicken, steak and pork chops. I’m going to Kroger today to get pasta,, pasta sauce, brat buns, hamburger buns and barbecue sauce. I keep thinking a cashier is going to assume I’ll be making meals out of buns and barbecue sauce alone.

If a cashier feels the need to interrogate me, I’ll try to remember to say something clever and smartassed, but chances are I’ll give a lame answer or I’ll say “Huh?”

I don’t really expect to be questioned, just that I have been before. So, you never know.

What’s the strangest thing a cashier has ever said to you?

Maude’s Alabama BBQ

I should’ve turned my phone a little to the left, so the sign on the post would be in the picture. Anyway, my uncle Ron recently opened this restaurant at 2602 Davison Rd. Flint, Michigan. Maude’s Alabama BBQ was named in my grandma’s honor.

It’s a small takeout restaurant, but there are counters and stools along the windows for those who would like to eat there. My dad and I stopped in today. I had a Maude’s All-American Burger and fries and I really enjoyed them. I think next time I’ll try the Southern Fried Catfish Sandwich.

They have several choices on their menu, which you can see on the website, You can place your orders online or call 810 875 9984. There’s even a drive-thru window.

Check ’em out.