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Because I stayed off Facebook today…

…I wrote 1,671 words, made two submissions and got all the chores done.

The Tigers didn’t play today. I did have the Buccaneer-Jaguar game on, but didn’t pay much attention to it. The Lions’ next preseason game is Saturday, against the Jets. The Lions did very well against the Colts in Sunday’s game.

College Football starts in a couple weeks. The Wolverines will kick off their season against the Gators.

Revisiting Ford Vs Chevrolet

I can’t think of anything else to blog about today. So, I’m going to revisit this topic.

I said before, I’m not opposed to either make. I like both, and other makes too. But, I do lean a little toward Ford. It’s just that I was brought up to know Ford. Can’t really say which is better, I’m sure both have their pros and cons.

A lot of folks I know are team Chevrolet.  Ford is deemed the enemy to all vehicle owners. “Don’t buy a Ford!”, “Ford sucks!”, “How to fix a Ford? Buy a Chevy!” And so on.

I see a lot of thirty and forty year old Ford pickup trucks still on the road. They might be rusty hunks of metal, but they’re still running. And I see a lot of ten and fifteen year old Chevrolet pickup trucks broken down.

Recently the Chevrolet of someone I know broke down. I guffawed when I saw the flatbed truck that brought the Chevy home was a Ford.

What does this mean? I don’t rightly know. Another day and I might see a Chevy flatbed bringing home a Ford.

How often is a Ford pitted against a Chevy in demolition derby? Which make wins the most? That’s what I want to know.


I think it rained enough today. It started in New York City, at Yankee Stadium. I believe it was the bottom of the 7th, the score was DET 2 – NYY 0, when the sky dumped gallons of water on the field. I don’t think they were expecting that. The downpour was heavy before they started rolling out the tarp.

Eventually I turned the TV off, but I just checked Looks like the Tigers were declared the winners.

Just a little while ago we had a long rain and thunderstorm here. Lightning struck too close a few times and the thunder made me jump.

The First of a New Month

Okay, it’s midnight. August has begun. Summer will be over before I know it. The older I get, the faster time flies. I was just thirty years old last year. Next year I’ll be fifty.

I haven’t been blogging much lately. I’ve been feeling self-conscious, but I want to try putting those feelings aside. I’d like to get back to blogging on a daily basis.

My brother was over for a few days. Last night we were up in the attic talking until 3 in the morning. One of the things we talked about is that we’re getting old.

When I turned forty in March, it was like I’d been slapped in the face. I’m not young anymore. Forty years have already passed. I know I’m not really old either, but I feel like I’m at a halfway point. My life might or might not last much longer than this. I might live to my eighties or nineties, or I might live to my fifties or sixties.

One thing is for sure. I already covered about half of my life. I’m not really depressed about it. It’s just an awareness that I’m feeling.

I want to enjoy the things that I’m passionate about, in whatever way I can, to the best of my ability, while I still have time.

Darnell Family Reunion 2017

We even had a cake, of which I forgot to have a piece of.

So, yeah, I spent the day at Mom and Dad’s, where we had the reunion for my dad’s half of the family. I pretty much just ate and drank beer. I didn’t talk much, but that’s not unusual for me.

Dad and Ron grilled hotdogs and hamburgers. We had a bit of a smoke storm in there.


Some fished, others sat around.

Mom set her karaoke stuff up on the balcony. The music could be heard across the yard.

When it got dark everyone sat around the back deck. It was decent weather. A bit warm, but not terribly. Fireflies were out.