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My First Flag

When I was a kid, I asked for a big American flag for Christmas one year. I kept it all these years. It’s not the same flag that I fly on my front porch. I don’t display this one outside.

Tomorrow is the 4th of July. I’ll be at my mom and dad’s. My dad is going to grill something, but I don’t know what.

Back to Maude’s

I made it back to Maude’s Alabama BBQ today and finally got to try the Southern Fried Catfish Sandwich. It was a bit hot at first and I had to let it cool down, but it was wonderful. Next time I’ll try the Baby Back Ribs. Might get a full rack when I do.

I have a desire to try everything on the menu at least once. I’d go there more often if I had a driver’s license.

The Mound Is Flattened

It was easier going after I unearthed and removed the skull and ribcage that was buried there. At long last, the mound is flattened. I might’ve finished it sooner, but I didn’t work at it every day.

I just spread grass seed over it. At least I hope I did. I know I’ve seen grass seed before, but I don’t remember it being blue and smelling like chocolate cupcakes.

I hope the grass comes up right. I spread the seed around with my hands, and then used the rake to try getting the dirt over it, as the directions instructed. But I don’t know if I managed that part very good. I watered it, so we’ll see what happens.

The End Of An Era And The Beginning Of A New One

This is a drawer from my kitchen. It’s where I keep my silverware, spatulas , sporks, stirrers and stuff like that. The staples that held the bottom of the drawer to the back became disconnected years ago. The back of the drawer had a big gap and stuff was always falling through it.

My solution was to put in the wood stick that you see in the picture. I put screws  through the bottom board and the back board, and into the wood stick. Now the bottom is solid and I don’t believe it’ll ever be loose again.