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New Spot

I scouted out another spot the other day. Next time I’m out, I’ll set up behind this heap next to the haunted tree stand. I won’t use that tree stand, it’s been there for thirty years. This position will have me at the top of the hill, looking down into the woods. Maybe something will come along to drink from the creek.

My only concern is, if I shoot a deer on the other side of the creek, I’m not sure how I’ll get it. But I’ll figure something out.

Might have to knock down a few trees.

I’ll still use my tripod tower sometimes, I just want a second spot.

On Visual Impairment

I’m always amazed that people can see who is in the other car. I can’t see anything through the windows of vehicles. Not too long ago, a cousin posted on Facebook about a car wreck he was almost in, and that the person in the car that pulled out in front of him was an old lady.

That reminded me of all the times I’m riding in someone’s car and they’ll say “That girl is driving over the center line.” as they veer to the shoulder of the road to avoid a head-on collision. Or “That guy just pulled out in front of me.” Or “I hate how old people drive.” Or “Oh, look! See the dog in the passenger seat?” Or “Ew, that old man just winked at me!” which a girlfriend said once when we were driving down the road. And a number of other things.

Often when someone says something of the sort while in a car, I’m thinking, “You can see them?” I guess it’s strange to me, the powerful vision that most people seem to have. Maybe I don’t quite understand how well people who are not visually impaired can actually see.

From my office window, I have a view of the lake and the land on the other side of the lake. I can see a few buildings on the far side of the lake. I think they’re ordinary houses, but I’m not positive because there is a golf course on the other side of the lake. I don’t know if these buildings are part of the golf course or not.

I’d say that the distance from my office window to the other side of the lake is about three or four hundred yards, maybe five hundred. Just my guess. If there were not a bunch of trees on the other side of the lake, I might be able to see the golf course.

I can see the buildings because they are white, or light colored. If they were not light colored, I would not be able to see them.

What I wonder is, would a person who is not visually impaired be able to see whether the buildings on the other side of the lake are ordinary houses or not and if someone was out mowing their lawn? If there weren’t trees between those structures and the golf course, would a person who is not visually impaired be able to watch a golf tournament from my office window three, four or five hundred yards away?

Another Hunt

Is anyone seeing anything while this baiting ban is in place? I acknowledge that there are diseases in the deer herds, but I think the DNR has their logic backwards.

Whether we bait or not, the deer are still going to eat apples and acorns and whatever in the same spots. They’re still going to drink from the same streams. So, what difference does it make if hunters are putting out bait or not?

I think next year, the number of diseased deer will be tripled. The diseases are still going to spread and with the bait ban, not as many people are bagging deer this year. We’ll probably also see an increase in deer related traffic incidents and crop damage next year.

In my opinion, the best way to control these diseases is to give hunters more opportunity to take out the sick ones. It’s also helpful to keep deer from becoming too numerous.

Anyway, I’m trying to not complain about it too much. I know some hunters manage to have successful seasons without baiting. So, maybe I can too. It’s a challenge I’m accepting.

I didn’t see anything today either. I did detect a lot of those animal scents, but I look every which way and I never see the animal that’s causing them. I don’t know if it’s a deer or not, but the smell is strong and makes me think it’s coming from a large animal.

As I was walking back to the house, I scared something twice. There was a bleat and then I heard something running away. This happened twice, but I didn’t see anything.


I bought the black guitar and the bass used. The black guitar was a Cort, and I guess a copy of a stratocaster. It was originally red, with white lines zig-zagging all over it, like some of Eddie Van Halen’s guitars. But I didn’t like that look, so I had it painted. The bass was a copy of a Fender bass. The sunburst brown Stratocaster, though, was a real Fender Stratocaster and I bought it brand new.

Eventually I sold all of these guitars and the amp. To this day, I regret selling the strat. That was my favorite guitar and I should’ve treasured it.

Fisher Body

Fisher Body, taken from in front of Grandma and Grandpa Piehl’s house in Pontiac, mid-90’s. I think the factory was abandoned at the time of the pictures, but I remember times when I visited Grandma and Grandpa and that lot was full of cars.