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I think it rained enough today. It started in New York City, at Yankee Stadium. I believe it was the bottom of the 7th, the score was DET 2 – NYY 0, when the sky dumped gallons of water on the field. I don’t think they were expecting that. The downpour was heavy before they started rolling out the tarp.

Eventually I turned the TV off, but I just checked Looks like the Tigers were declared the winners.

Just a little while ago we had a long rain and thunderstorm here. Lightning struck too close a few times and the thunder made me jump.

That Was Close

The Tigers still aren’t having a great season, but they did beat the Yankees today. They almost blew it in the bottom of the 9th, but then there was a fly-out. 4-3.

They’re in fourth place. Things probably aren’t going to get much better than that. Even so, I always have the game on. I’ll just take the wins when there are wins.

I think a lot of the star players are nearing MLB retirement age and they’re not playing as well as they used to. That’s just my thought.

The First of a New Month

Okay, it’s midnight. August has begun. Summer will be over before I know it. The older I get, the faster time flies. I was just thirty years old last year. Next year I’ll be fifty.

I haven’t been blogging much lately. I’ve been feeling self-conscious, but I want to try putting those feelings aside. I’d like to get back to blogging on a daily basis.

My brother was over for a few days. Last night we were up in the attic talking until 3 in the morning. One of the things we talked about is that we’re getting old.

When I turned forty in March, it was like I’d been slapped in the face. I’m not young anymore. Forty years have already passed. I know I’m not really old either, but I feel like I’m at a halfway point. My life might or might not last much longer than this. I might live to my eighties or nineties, or I might live to my fifties or sixties.

One thing is for sure. I already covered about half of my life. I’m not really depressed about it. It’s just an awareness that I’m feeling.

I want to enjoy the things that I’m passionate about, in whatever way I can, to the best of my ability, while I still have time.

Darnell Family Reunion 2017

We even had a cake, of which I forgot to have a piece of.

So, yeah, I spent the day at Mom and Dad’s, where we had the reunion for my dad’s half of the family. I pretty much just ate and drank beer. I didn’t talk much, but that’s not unusual for me.

Dad and Ron grilled hotdogs and hamburgers. We had a bit of a smoke storm in there.


Some fished, others sat around.

Mom set her karaoke stuff up on the balcony. The music could be heard across the yard.

When it got dark everyone sat around the back deck. It was decent weather. A bit warm, but not terribly. Fireflies were out.


Six Feet Under

I made it to the end of Six Feet Under the other night. There are five seasons, sold separately on Amazon Video. I used to watch Six Feet Under on HBO. It’s a show I got into during my first year of living on my own. That was 2001, the year I moved out of my mom and dad’s house and into the apartment in town. I remember being in a chat thing online where Freddy Rodriguez was answering questions from fans. I had a question for him, but the questions were being fed to him by a moderator. My question must have been deemed not-interesting-enough because it never appeared.

I loved Six Feet Under, but I didn’t make it to the end of the series. I was staying at a girlfriend’s house so much that I decided to cancel my cable service. When I got cable back on, I didn’t feel like adding HBO or any of those extra channels. So, Season 3 was the last season I had seen of Six Feet Under.

Until now.

I’m going to put a spoiler alert here. I’m not one who worries about spoilers for books, movies or shows that I plan to read or watch. I don’t care if I see spoilers or not, I’ll still read or watch it and I’ll probably enjoy it. But some people don’t like spoilers. So, below this paragraph, there are spoilers.

Six Feet Under is a powerful show, and heartbreaking in places. Right at the beginning of the first episode, Nathaniel Fisher is killed in a car accident. His family never quite gets over their loss. Nathaniel was the owner of Fisher & Sons, a funeral home. Now the business is left to his sons, Nate and David.

The show has a lot to do with death, loss and grief. There’s a new death in every episode, usually at the start. Some of those deaths got to me, like the one where the newborn baby died in his crib.

Keith is my hero, especially in the first couple seasons. Keith is a cop and David’s boyfriend. I really liked how Keith was there for Claire after Gabriel took a shot at someone while riding in her car. Nate was being an asshole to Claire, but Keith stuck up for her. Keith explained to Nate that the reason Claire still cares about Gabriel is “because she loves him.” I know it’s hard for the willfully ignorant to understand, but sometimes it really is that simple.

Keith tells Claire that she has to go to the police department and talk to the detectives about what happened. Claire asks Keith if he’ll be there with her, because she doesn’t want to deal with the detectives alone. Keith says he’ll be there.

Life for the Fishers is a struggle. Ruth goes through a series of boyfriends and then marries George. But after they’re married, Ruth finds out that life with George isn’t exactly the picnic she thought it would be.

Claire is an artist, but she feels that she’s not getting anywhere and she’s not sure what to do with her life. Art school isn’t working out for her and she quits  While working in an office building, she meets Ted, a young lawyer, and they hit it off.

David is trying to keep the business afloat while butting heads with Nate and Rico. His relationship with Keith has its ups and downs. Eventually David and Keith adopt Anthony and Durrell.

I knew Nate was going to die at some point. I had thought it would be in Season 4, but he made it most of the way through Season 5, and then AVM struck again. They thought he was going to recover. He was awake and talking, but then he died, unexpectedly. David was with him.

At the end of the last episode, Claire is leaving for New York where she hopes to pursue an art career. Before she drives off, she inserts the CD Ted gave her, that he made her promise not to listen to until she was leaving. The first song on Ted’s Deeply Unhip Mix is Breathe Me, by Sia. The song plays slow and soft at first, and then “Ouch.”

Storm Front, by Jim Butcher

Well, Jim Butcher knows his stuff. Storm Front is a fun book. It’s also disturbing and hilarious in all the right ways.

Harry Dresden is a private detective and a wizard. His cases are usually petty. He takes on missing person cases and lost item cases, and the such. But sometimes the police consult him when a case they’re working on is so far out they can’t make sense of it. That’s how Harry finds himself involved in a mysterious murder case.

From Pawns to Kings, by Eugene Brown & Marco Price-Bey

I first heard of Eugene Brown when I saw the movie Life of a King, which stars Cuba Gooding Jr. I thought it was a powerful movie. I agree with Gooding, what Brown does is heroic.

Eugene Brown and his son Marco Price-Bey wrote From Pawns to Kings together. Some chapters were written by Eugene and some were written by Marco. We learn about Eugene’s childhood, his upbringing and how he turned to crime and drugs.

Marco’s followed in his father’s footsteps and they both spend a lot of time behind bars. But now they’re both free men and they’ve turned their lives around.

There’s a lot of wisdom in this book.