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Waterproof Covers

I’ve been without a couch for over a year now. I have to take my office chairs into the living room if I want somewhere comfortable to sit while watching my sport teams. I would like to get a sectional couch, but it might be a while before I can.

My mom and dad plan to get new furniture, and they offered me their old couch and armchair. But after losing three couches to pets, I don’t want to take any chances.

I ordered these waterproof covers, so they would be here when we bring over the couch and chair. The reviews of these covers are mostly good, though a couple reviews say the covers don’t stay up very well.

I have some ideas of how to get the covers to stay up and I’ll make something work. If I have to staple them down, I will. I’m having a meeting at my house next week, so I hope we can get the couch and chair over before then.


Just finished cleaning the bedroom. Been at it all morning. And I decided to rearrange the furniture. Now the bed and the bedside table are on the other side of the room, and the dresser is turned another way. The room seems to have more space this way.

Now I’m having a beer. The Tigers start at 1. I’ll probably be cleaning the kitchen and watching the game during breaks.

I just became a great uncle today.

On Plumbing

Last week, I told you about a plumber coming here and getting the kitchen sink to drain again. Well, two days later, the kitchen sink was starting to drain slow again.

On Saturday, my dad was here and we were going through the house fixing things. We discovered another plumbing problem.

In the basement, the sump pump appears to be pumping into the main sewer line, but after a few minutes of the laundry tub draining into the sump basin, the sewer line backs up and starts overflowing out of the water softener drain and running down the basement wall.

My dad and I figured there might be an obstruction in the mainline. I informed my landlord. Today, a guy from a sewer cleaning company was here. The guy worked on the kitchen sink first and it’s draining very well now, though I can’t say if it’ll keep that up.

He said they’re going to have to cut the mainline in the basement, to work on that pipe. Also, he found a break in the mainline, outside, where it goes under the ditch at the edge of the property. He said they’ll have to dig that up and fix it.

The break in the mainline is why I’ve been having these plumbing issues.