About the meme I keep seeing on Facebook

Given how many unarmed people are killed by police, I can’t believe you would say “Kaepernick is crying wolf.”  I’m not saying the police are all bad, but they’re human like the rest of us and they have fuck ups. Colin Kaepernick wants something done about it. Why in the hell is that so offensive to people?

Glen Coffee and Colin Kaepernick are two completely different circumstances and there is no comparison here. It’s ridiculous comparing Kaepernick to veterans.

I wonder how Coffee feels about people using him to discredit Kaepernick. We don’t know which side of this controversy he’s on, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s in agreement with Kaepernick, as many, many veterans are.

3 thoughts on “About the meme I keep seeing on Facebook”

  1. When they say veterans, they mean white veterans and complete dismiss the fact that our military is very diverse with black and Latino making up a large percentage of it.

    I get so irritated when I see people make the false equivalence that this kneeling is disrespecting our troops or the flag. What a load fucking bullshit.
    The root of this is nothing more than racism. White racists have a problem with black people exercising their 1st Amendment rights. Even in a perfectly peaceful way. Racism is very much alive and well today. They just try to hide it with false equivalences.

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